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Where are we going and how do we get there? Those phrases are lamented by every professional at every stage of their career.  What ever your goals, a mentor can be that independent view, that support system and example to assist you in reaching your goals. 


A NEFDHA mentor is someone who has at least 1 year work experience, is a member of the association, and wants to share experiences they have had in their education or professional career with a current student or new graduate.


What would a mentor actually do?


Suggestions for a NEFDHA mentor to a DH student or new graduate:

  • Notify your mentee of local/state meeting dates and CE events

  • Offer a ride to meetings or meet somewhere to follow each other

  • Send birthday card, congrats card, friendship card

  • Make regular (monthly) contact through phone or email

  • Provide feedback on job searching, resume writing, marketing, and interview tips.

  • Be available for questions

  • New grads/ students may want to shadow & observe on-the-job

  • After graduation, be available for practice experience tips and job related discussions

  • Be a resource for whom to contact about becoming a full member after graduation

  • Be a resource for whom to contact about license renewals, CE Broker/ CE requirements, what to do if change of name or address, keeping up with BOD rules changes. 


If you are interested in being a mentor or connecting with a mentor, please contact Angie Patel at


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