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Report of 2019 ADHA Annual Session in Louisville, KY

Held June 21-23, 2019

By Cynthia P. Wampler, CRDH, MS

Northeast FL Delegate to ADHA


I, Cynthia P. Wampler, CRDH, MS present my Delegates report from the 96th Annual ADHA House of Delegates:


As is the norm, delegates and 

alternates went through several

meetings of orientation for the

96th Annual ADHA HOD meeting

in Louisville, KY.  We were divided

into groups to review the proposed

PR's and PBYs and then met with those groups to discuss our position on the proposals.  The Speaker of the House, Christian Emmert offered an orientation to the delegates and alternates on Roberts Rules and the order of business for the HOD. One final meeting a week before the HOD was used to finalize our positions as District IV.


The Mega Issue this year was a repeat from 2016 and was entitled Governance for the Future.  In essence this process looks at leadership based on competencies which are based on the association’s strategic plan.  The Executive Board would not necessarily automatically move up through the ranks from one position to the other.  A consulting group was hired to help us work through this proposed new plan


A report on membership by the consulting group Association Laboratory Inc. who helps professional associations increase their membership gave a report on their findings.  Issues dealt with ADHA assumptions on desires of membership in relationship to career goals.  For example, ADHA assumes that their membership is interested in career movement.  60% surveyed said they were not interested and their goal was for long lasting relationships with patients.  Many satisfied with career choice and job.  Other concerns were as follows: membership is confusing, hard to sell-  “What’s in it for me?”  Clinicians are least represented in leadership.  Bias in solutions and decision making- Tripartite membership is the most desirable.


Interesting enough some of the PRs and PBYs presented played into the results of this survey. 


Big issue on the floor at the HOD was the concern over the Nominating committee being slanted towards past presidents.  Not equal representation of membership.   Candidates preselected by Committee no real vote as there was only one candidate per office.  As a result of action at the HOD last year it provided for nominations from the floor of the HOD and we actually had an election this year.  There were 2 candidates for vice president and two for treasurer.


The new Executive Board is as follows:

Matt Crespin, president

Lisa Moravec, President Elect

Sharlee Burch- Vice-President

Chad Webb- Treasurer

Nominating Committee- Jennifer Harman and Heather Eddingly


In the HOD there were several Bylaw’s amendments that addressed the structure and prevue of the Nomination Committee.  There was heated debate on the floor including passionate pleas by the current members.  All past- presidents of ADHA.  In the end all of the amendments were postponed indefinitely except Bylaw amendment #3 that addressed the authority and responsibilities of the nominating committee.  This was extension of what was proposed in the 2018 house of delegates.


PBY 7 addressed members selecting only one constituent and that they could join a constituent of their choice based on where they reside, practice hold a license or select.  This was rejected as concern for membership numbers for specific constituents could be affected.


Some of the resolutions addressed adding the doctoral degree into the language on levels of education for the profession.  They were all adopted


Other resolutions addressed language on policies regarding ADHA advocating for oral health of specific populations, i.e older adults and intellectually disabled. They were all rejected citing that ADHA has existing policies that encompass all individuals which includes older adults


PR #5 addressed the definition of oral prophylaxis.  There will several amendments introduced and the final adoption read as follows:  The supra-and subgingival removal of biofilm, calculus and extrinsic stains from tooth and prosthetic structures to preserve health and prevent disease. 


Other PRs addressed hygienist’s using “advanced technologies” in the detection of oral cancer

and administration of HPV vaccination.


In reflection- The Nominating committee issue is not dead.  It will be brought up again next year.  A more complete and detailed report for publishing will be provided at the delegates workshop before the FDHA HOD.


Thank you for your trust and confidence in me to represent NEFDHA and FDHA interests at ADHA.

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