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Installation of officers was held at the July 19th planning meeting at Lori Brusoski's home.

left to right:  Janie Skinner, Hazel Kerr, Beth Rucker, Erin White, Lori Brusoski, Cindy Wampler, Cammie Davidson, (absent was Darla Schults).

 2019-2020 NEFDHA Officers

  •  PRESIDENT                                 Lori Brusoski                (lfbrusoski@yahoo.com)
  •  PRESIDENT ELECT                     Darla Schults                (sheraskal@aol.com) 
  • VICE PRESIDENT                          Janie Skinner                (mic7513@aol.com)
  • TREASURER                                  Erin White                   (erin_white@live.com)
  • RECORDING SECRETARY            Cammie Davidson       (geotooth@bellsouth.net)
  • CORRESPONDING SECRETARY   Beth Rucker                  (bethrdh@comcast.net)
  • FDHA District !V Trustee             Cindy Wampler            (cindywampler55@yahoo.com
Delegates and others appointed:                       
                                                              Kuwananh Payne           kuwananh@hotmail.com
  • Member-at-Large                        Aubrie Tanner                aubrietanner@hotmail.com
  • Facebook Editor                           Ashley Manor                 ashleylregala@gmail.com
  • e-Communications Chair           Hazel Kerr                        hbkerr@tds.net