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Geriatric Care &
Senior Facility Care


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This course is now an online Zoom event!  Register Below
Recent increases in Covid cases will unfortunately
prevent a face-to-face meeting.  

Date:  POSTPONED TO NEW DATE - Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

Location:  Zoom interactive online CE Event

Schedule:  Presentation begins at 7:00 pm till 8:00 pm. (1 Hr. CE)

Speaker:  Sonya Dunbar, RDH, MHA | President/CEO "The Geriatric Toothfairy"

This course will discuss the oral health status of the elderly residing in long term care facilities (LTCF) and the relationship this has on oral and systemic health. A review will be provided on the relationship between the oral manifestations and oral complications of common systemic diseases with a strong emphasis on pneumonia. Establishing interdisciplinary oral health care protocols and assessment guides will conclude the course.

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Meet Your Speaker!

Sonya Dunbar, also known as the Geriatric Toothfairy, is a Registered Dental Hygienist, TEDx, and national public speaker guided by over 29 years of dental experience in private practice, skilled nursing facilities, and academia. Sonya and her husband, Gerald Dunbar (Navy Veterans), are the proud parents of four successful adult children are the owners of Mobile Dental Xpress, providing comprehensive dental care to long-term care facilities. In addition, Sonya

is a geriatric oral health educator and trainer. She provides informative hands-on training to Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) who work with aging adults. Sonya has also developed an online training course for caregivers and CNAs and works diligently to educate as many people as possible on the importance of oral health as we age. Sonya is pursuing a Ph.D. in Gerontology.

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