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2018 ADHA Annual Session in Columbus, OH

Held June 23-25, 2018

Hats off to Cindy Wampler, Delegate to ADHA, and

Janie Skinner, Alternate Delegate, who represented

Northeast District (NEFDHA) at the ADHA House of

Delegates held in Columbus, Ohio,  on Sat, Sun and

Monday, June 23-25th. They prepared for two months,

behind the scenes, for this 3-day business session

prior to leaving for Ohio.

They learned a lot from colleagues as well as events

and found time to have fun, too, at ADHA Annual

Convention and House of Delegates meeting! 

Pictured below are delegates from ADHA's District IV,

which includes  Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.  The Delegate report from Cindy Wampler is below:

Cindy Reports the following: 

Preparing to be a delegate and alternate:   Three months of meetings began with the ADHA Delegate and Alternate Delegate Orientation GoTo Meeting on April 3rd.  We were informed and reminded of our duties and responsibilities and were offered the opportunity for questions. by FDHA Delegation Chair, Becky Smith.   Our second meeting, Wednesday, May 23rd, was a District IV meeting hosted by ADHA’s District IV Trustee, Jessica Kiser.  This meeting also held virtually, through Zoom, assigned alternated and delegates to 3 reference committees.  Each reference committee met to approve or reject the PR’s and PBY’s that were to be discussed at the House of Delegates in Columbus.  Our last meeting, on Saturday June 16th, the reference committee chairs gave report on the results of the reference committee meetings.  By Friday, May 25th were able to access the Delegates Manual and therefore the PR’s and PBY’s being presented for consideration at the House of Delegates.

From this point I am attaching a link to FDHA Delegation Chair, Becky Smith’s report which gives detail on the Delegates Meetings preceding the HOD and the business conducted during the HOD and voting results on the presented PR’s and PBY’s as there are many details to what transpired, in Columbus. My intent is for you to have the full report for you to discuss and be prepared for what with be addressed at the FDHA HOD in September.


I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve as NEFDHA’s Delegate to ADHA.  Having served as FDHA Delegate and Alternate for several years I found that there is so much more involved at the national level.  I have come away from this first experience with a greater understanding of the process.  I know Janie has learned a lot as well and will be more than ready to serve as delegate in the future. 




Cynthia P. Wampler, CRDH, MS

ADHA Delegate

2018 FL Delegates to ADHA.jpg
2018 HOD at ADHA meeting.jpg
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